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The Last of Us Remasted Texture Modifier

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This is a program made by akderbur for modifying .pak textures and update them in game:

He actually released a tool for viewing/extracting the textures quite some time ago. He just added the option to import the modified textures.

Overview :

- File -> Open to load the pak file.
- You can see the textures in the list. Select one to preview.
- Use filter to search a specific texture.
- Save DDS/PNG to export textures one by one.
- Export All -> DDS to export all of the textures at once.

- Modified texture must be saved as dds, and in same format as the original texture (DXT1, DXT5 etc)
- It must have the same resolution as the original.
- It must also have mipmaps.
- Click "Replace Texture" and select your modified texture.

Be sure to backup the original pak files. The tool overwrites the data in the pak.

Ingame screenshots :

akderebur developed the program by himself, I only tested the program on PS4

Virus scan:

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thank good job55555