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Xbox One SideLoading Emulators

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How to Sideload Emulators on your Xbox One

What you need beforehand!

-Xbox One with Dev Mode installed (20$)
-A Computer with Wifi or Wired connection to your router
-The UWP applications

1.) Enable RemoteAccess

2.) Type in the address it gives you or http://XBOXONE:(Port they give you)

3.) Click on add

4.) Select the app to sideload
4a.) After you do that you may need to select a dependency (Not all require this, if you don't have one to select then hit next)

5.) Wait for it to fully install before running the app

6.) Run your app!

Notice: You may need a bios to run PSX, DS, and other systems through emulation.

If you have any custom apps post them here on RG for everyone to enjoy!

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