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How to play PS4 games on the PS5?

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PS5 is going to launch in November. I am also going to take this new edition of Sony. I wanted to know how to play my PS4games on the PS5.

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The PS5 will be able to play every PS4 game that’s available through backward compatibility. Digitally purchased games are slightly more complex, although it’ll still work similarly to downloading any other digital title. Players’ existing PS4 games will continue to show up in their game libraries on the PS5, just like they currently do on the PS4. To install and play one, a player will have to select the game from their library and download it. PS4 games can be installed and played directly from an external drive.


  • Upgrade a digital PS4 game to its PS5 version:

To upgrade a digitally owned PS4 game, you’ll have to make sure you’re logged in to whatever account you own the title on. Next, you’ll have to find the corresponding PS5 version of that game on the PlayStation Store, where it’ll have an offer to upgrade from your existing PS4 version to the new PS5 version. Then, simply download the new PS5 version just like you would any other game.


  • Upgrade a disc-based PS4 game to a PS5 version:

Upgrading a physical PS4 disc to its PS5 version is a little more complicated, though. Once you put the disc into your PS5, you’ll have a new option on the game hub in the PS5 main menu to upgrade to the PS5 version. Like the digital option, you’ll be able