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Radio online is a form of digital radio broadcast over the Internet, typically through the Internet's radio stations. Broadly speaking, online radio broadcasting is generally known as webcasting as it isn't transmitted publicly through conventional radio means. Anytime you have a PC with an Internet connection and a radio receiver/amp; you are able to listen in to hundreds of radio stations from any part of the world for virtually no cost. A few decades ago, the average person did not even possess a radio or knew someone who did, which made radio online broadcasting all the more appealing for those people who didn't live in or near a major metropolitan area where there were many radio stations to choose from. As most radio stations these days are mainly Internet-based, it is much easier for the casual listener to tune into a website via their personal computers instead of driving to the nearest radio station.

With the widespread availability of cellular phones, now even people who travel regularly have access to radio online technology. The advantage to this type of technology is that, because it can be downloaded, there are no long-term contracts or monthly fees associated with listening to radio online. Simply by downloading the appropriate radio apps, anyone with a laptop can begin enjoying thousands of radio stations within seconds and at no cost whatsoever! Unlike streaming music services or radio channels that require pay-per-download fees, radio online apps are totally free and do not require the consumer to download any media or programs. This makes radio online one of the best options for those who want to listen to radio online without incurring additional fees.

There are several types of online radio listeners can choose from, including online radio stations, internet radio stations, mobile radio stations and public radio stations to name a few. Most internet radio stations provide a selection of both traditional and modern radio shows; and a variety of talk, current events, music and games for listening pleasure. Mobile radio stations include features like GPS for navigation and the push of a button, along with access to millions of radio channels and music categories to suit every listening need. Public radio stations, on the other hand, offer a wide range of informational programs focusing on a particular topic and are available through subscription.

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