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Mobile internet radios are also very popular in Japan as more and more people get used to using their mobiles while traveling. There are several companies in Japan that make and distribute internet radios and mobile apps at a price. The difference between an app and a radio is that the former can easily be downloaded to your phone, while the latter must be installed on your computer first. Once you have it installed, you will see your station name in the online radio channel list. Click the Play With Me button to start listening live to your online radio station's stations.

When you have selected your favorite internet radio services, the last thing you should do is select your payment type. The payment options available on these types of programs are usually through PayPal or Google Checkout. If you don't have these currencies in your currency converter tool, you can also use a credit card or e-wallet like iPhone wallet or square cash debit card. Once you have completed payment, you will be able to view your selection on the homepage and you will be able to hear your selected online radio station at your own time.

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