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Social Media and other RivalGamer outlets!

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Hello there my babies I've been working very hard to get several things up and running such as a Discord Channel, YouTube channel and a Twitter account all for RivalGamer!!!

RivalGamer Discord
I'm developing a bot to help with a lot of basic functions and I got some cool thoughts on what to add, but if you got suggestions Speak up! 😀

RivalGamer YouTube
I converted my old YouTube account and made it into the official RivalGamer channel 😀 I already have a fair bit of content on there but I'm always looking to add more!!
I have 2 people lined up to add more content as well as help manage the channel but I'm always looking for suggestions or another helping hand, so if that's YOU speak up 😀

Rival Gamer Twitch
Here's the Twitch Channel 😀 I don't use it as much because I'm honestly not a HUGE fan of Twitch. But maybe I can get ReStream to work and stream to multiple services at once 🙂 Who knows!'

The Twitter account, man oh man, where do I even start..... I am terrible at Social Media haha so any/all suggestions will help, or if YOU want to pick up the task of being our Social Media Manager hit me up!

That's about all I got going on right now :p I've been having a shitload of PC issues lately so content has been....sparce.... But hopefully I'll have that all sorted soon! Thank you all for being the best part of the modding community!

Happy Modding!!

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Maybe stream to twitch and YT simultaneously? Make a RG twitch acct?