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Problem with installing DMC

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Hello. I'm trying to install DmC, but without much success. After installing the game it freeze on autosaving screen at the beginning.
I find a fix : "Copy the file from the archive into
one. Then run from MultiMan 4.18.01 or higher and let it patch the
remaining files."
How can i patch the game with multiman? I'm using the latest version, but when i install the game, replace the SPRX fix and then run the game through multiman it freeze the ps3 again.

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I'm assuming that it the 5th Devil May Cry game called "DmC Devil May Cry" and not the 1st one that is the PS2 HD remake. Either way, I don't know how you'd have difficulty if so. All I did was copy that game to my PS3 and it ran fine as is without requiring any further effort. I was able to convert the eboot to the debug kind and attach to it and do everything without any problems, which is about the most compatible thing I encounter.