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Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Cheats

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Onechanbara Z2 Chaos

Game Version: CUSA02159_01.01


  • Max Money+Skill points


  • Max Cure Gem
  • Max Goddess Statue Shard
  • Max Power Gem

Notes: Nothing this time, all cheats works fine no bugs or any special instructions, just make sure to have at least one item of each before you activate the Items-related cheats (you can buy them at the Statue)


	data|2|1499988|4 bytes|999194667|0|Max Money+Skill points|549F9988
	data|2|14992E8|4 bytes|99|0|Max Cure Gem |549F92E8
	data|2|14992FC|4 bytes|99|0|Max Goddess Statue Shard|549F92FC
	data|2|14992EC|4 bytes|99|0|Max Power Gem|549F92EC

Download cht file: Google Drive

Please Note: i share my cheats on this site and some other site as well, i do it for the PS4 community as a whole, please feel free to add my cheats to your trainer, all cheats are tested and with static addresses.

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