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Is Nintendo Wii more popular amongst women? Why?  

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Wii is a home console from Nintendo. A Wii controller is a wireless remote that attaches to a joystick or other input device. Why Nintendo Wii more popular amongst women?

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Yeah, Nintendo Wii is more popular amongst women. The Nintendo Wii, which uses a motion-sensing controller system, has proved particularly popular among women. Well, there are a few reasons:

Women, consistently in the minority as game players, have been drawn to the Wii and the activities made possible by its motion-sensing controller.

Beyond having motion controls, they were easy to use and understand. Anyone could pick them up and understand how to use them within 5 minutes vs. traditional controllers with multiple buttons/ bumpers/ triggers.

Wii Sports drove the system because it gave players a fun, light 10 minute game with closure. This was great for people who didn’t want to play for 3 hours at a clip.

All of the above made the system friendly for non-gamers. This helped Nintendo sell the system to women.
Nintendo created a system that didn’t compete on tech specs but provided fun beyond the gaming market. That’s why the Wii popular among women. The Nintendo Wii has proved to be the most popular gaming system for females.


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