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Gta v Mod Menu Loader "Death Project"

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Death Project
Mod Menu Loader

This is my first attempt and post at something like this,so take it easy on me. I'm Learning!
I made this to run along side my sprx menu so that is why there is not a ton of menus, with that being said it still has a ton of options and the usual rpf edits.


All the menus are up to date as of 9/10/18

Garage and Weapons bypass.

LSPD Mod found in Arabic Guy lets you become a Los Santos Police Officer. Get close to the offender and point your weapon at them to make the arrest.

The Fuel Mod by Not Your Dope adds a new feature to GTA gives your vehicles a 'fuel gauge' and various 'filling stations' around Los Santos to top off the tank.

Ultimate Teleport will teleport and load any place you can think of and a couple that you have never seen before, don't be fooled this one does a few other things as well.

Funny Car Loader has cool vehicles like the Monster Sandking, Monster Journey, Simi Flatbed truck with an Insurgent or a tank on back, covered Ztype and Cheetah. Mixed cars like the Adder/Kuruma or Armed Zentorno.

James Reborn Recovery has almost any thing you can think of for unlocks, rank, cash, fireworks, armor, combat roll, and all kinds of manual edits can be made to a ton of stats! If you want to make outfits head into Not Your Dopes menu.

You need an EBOOT.BIN with script bypass in order to play

Report any problems in the thread and i will do my best, like i said, still learning.

Eduardo Bresolin for the ModLoader maker he made (that runs on xp lol)
EROOTIIK for the GTA V Script Assembler/Mod Loader Maker
NotYourDope for the Not Your Dope Menu 4.3.1 and Fuel Mod 1.1/Mod Loader source
James Reborn for his James Reborn Recovery Menu v3
RFOoD x MoDz for the Arabic Guy Menu 1.9.1
Api Intense
2much4u for the Garage Editor
AnTraX X MoDz for the Funny Car Loader
Tgsaudoiz for Ulitmate Teleport 2.1

All i have done is used the available free tools that i have found on the web to make a mod loader with the available free menus found on the web that i like. I take NO credit for any of the mods.

If i missed anyone or given improper credit let me know and will fix it.



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Updated 2 menus to the latest versions, Ultimate Teleport 2.1 and Not Your Dope 4.3.1. Hopefully a new Arabic Guy will be out soon as well.

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Would you upload this EBOOT.bin with bypass script? Is it going to work on v1.27?