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Do you have any tips or tricks to play Temple run on iPhone?  

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I need some essential tips and tricks for playing the temple run on the iPhone. Is there anyone who has experience playing temple run on iPhone? Then share the tips and tricks with me.

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Playing Temple Run on iPhone can be particularly tricky and stumbled.

Here I give you some tips and tricks from my experience:
•First of all, go to the options menu and then turn on the tutorial option. This tutorial trick is extremely easy to earn massive amounts of coins and to buy new characters.

•To get the Spartan objective, collect 1 million points without using any power-ups, or use any revival. Once you hit 1 million points, you can simply kill yourself to get the achievement.

•To get the Mega Bonus, you need to fill the bonus meter four times; you need to collect 100 coins at a time without tripping. Repeat this four times in one run to get the Mega Bonus.

•To run forever you turn on your tutorial then you go in and play the game and then when it says to swipe. Instead of swiping once, swipe three times, and then you can just set the iPhone down and just let run forever.

•To get all the characters you need to do the run on. Then you let it run for exactly 1 hour, 5min. Then you will have just enough to buy them all. The run-on cheat is when you have a tutorial on.

Hope those tips and tricks will help you.


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