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Hello to all of my lovely RivalGamer's out there 😀

I know things around here have been very lax and not much has been happening. But I feel that now is a good time to tell you all that we are under new management! I want to personally thank @Cyb3r for everything he has done for this community and I'm certain he will continue to do so but if you all could pop to his profile and let him know how awesome he is I'm sure he would appreciate it.

@Cyb3r started this site way back when it was just him, myself and a few others. We built this site up and it exceeded our own expectations! I know there have been a lot of bumps and a VERY steep learning curve for us all but nobody can deny that RivalGamer has become, at least in my (somewhat biased) eye a beacon for amazing people and equally amazing content.

I have been in close contact with the new owner and he promises to be making a vast number of updates to RivalGamer in the coming months. We will still be the same at our absolute core but the focus will be slightly shifted so that we can stay current with the ever shifting community. Things have been very slow for far too long, but think of it as the calm before the storm!

I will still be here has your site Admin so any and all questions please send them my way! The same goes for reports. I check the reports personally every day and it is the best way to get things changed here. That being said regarding reports; Do not expect an immediate turn over! I go through a lot of detective work with each report so that I can get to the root of the problem and provide the most fair actions possible. There was an incident not long ago which I am still working with (you know who you are, and I did not forget about you) but like I said these reports can take some time for me to get to the root! Mainly because all the staff members here are unpaid! (including myself!) We all have full time jobs and lives to contend with so obviously getting hold of some people takes a lot of time and I try to be fair with everybody. Enough of this tho~

I am super excited for the future updates to RivalGamer especially with the advent of Playstation 4 modding (Which I have been doing a lot of lately and will be [hopefully] releasing more tutorials on the matter in the near future!) as well as some new mods for the Vita scene as well as the Nintendo Switch getting it's own Homebrew!! Brass tacks here; we need members who scour social media outlets and various modding forums to gather information and make meaningful posts to keep everybody in the loop and to show the scene is still very much alive and thriving! So if you fancy yourself on your googling prowess shoot me a PM 😉 We may have need for you and we MAY (big maybe here) have some incentives lined up.

I love you all, thank you so much for everything. Big Changes are coming 😉

Happy Modding!!

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