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What are the tips and tricks of Baldur's Gate III for new players?  

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Have you some awesome tips and tricks for new players who can play “Baldur's Gate III”?

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Baldur's Gate III is an expansive game with tons of detail players can lose themselves in. Before jumping into a fresh adventure, here are some tips, tricks, and strategies for new players:

• Baldur's Gate III doesn't autosave often, so it's important to save frequently.
• If you sell something to a trader, you can try to steal it back by pickpocketing them.
• While exploring dark areas, you can see a lot better if you use a companion with a dark vision.
• You can use a bonus action to dip your weapon in nearby elements for extra damage. The most common one you'll likely find is fire.
• Be careful of moving during a fight when you're right next to an enemy. This will trigger an opportunity attack where they can attack you without expending actions. You can do the same thing to enemies as well.
• You can use the jump bonus action to get out of an opportunity attack without getting hit
• You can eat all the different types of food for health. Certain types of meat are especially great for healing.
• Take advantage of the elements by freezing blood, burning water to create steam, or zapping a water source.


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