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It has been a while since I released something good, this project started 2 years ago or so but I dropped it due to lack of interest in modding and also my PS3 died after a while so I couldn't finish it anyway. I got another PS3 two weeks ago and I thought I should finish it this project and release it to the public since it would be shame to keep it unreleased. I might also release some other projects I was working on long time ago.

- Showcase Picture

- SPRX Features:

  • It has basic cheats such as:
    • God Mode
    • Infinite Ammo
    • Infinite Kickback
    • Disable Shadows
    • Speed Modifier
  • I have included option to enable Dev Menu

- Download:

[hide]SPRX & Eboot: UC3_SPRX_EBOOT.zip[/hide]

- Zip Password:


- How to use:

  1. Download the zip file and extract it
  2. Drop the eboot in /dev_hdd0/game/BCES01175/USRDIR or whatever your game titleID is
  3. Drop the sprx in /dev_hdd0/tmp
  4. Load the game and enjoy
  5. - Menu Controls:

    • R2 + L3 Open the menu
    • Everything else will be shown on screen once the menu is open

    - Notes:

    • This only works on DEX consoles for now
    • I haven't tested the cheats online so i don't know if it works or has bugs

    - Credits:

    • SC58: TLOU SPRX Menu Base which helped me to make this happen
    • Welsh: His work on the original TLOU sprx I just did some tweaks on this and improved it for UC3
    • Chrise_deluxe & xxxppp: For the cheats
    • Cain & Hereisme: Dev Menu
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Oh shit, noice my dude. About time you release something, been a long ass time.

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great stuff, keep the good work

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Great release , GG on this bro

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Very good work @Cyb3r

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