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Unbanned Your Xbox Tutorial !

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McNuggets Tutorial !
And your xbox account.
1. Xbox LIVE has a client-based data system which means it is saved as a file in a different name in your console. For this instance it is saved inside your profile. So get your USB and configure it to Xbox LIVE standards on your Xbox.
2. Transfer your banned profile to you USB device and plug it into your computer. Use USBXPLORER to open your profile.
3. Once it is open click 'Content' ONE time and extract the whole file to your desktop. Open up Modio and go into the content file all the way to the last file and drag your profile to Modio.
4. Click 'File Contents' and go to the bottom and there will be a File called 'Account', extract it to your desktop.
5. Open the 'Account' on your desktop and open it with NOTEPAD. Decode it with siggys which is at the bottom of the page to make it English. Highlight your gamertag and replace it with any text about the same length as your name. If you are lazy, don't decode it and delete only one letter from the front. *Leave all spaces in front and behind your gamertag alone.Download Siggy's account decrypter from the bottom of this page.
6. After doing that save it and go back to Modio and go to File Contents and right click Account and replace it with the one on the desktop. Rehash your account.
7. Go to USBXPLORER and go all the way to the end and replace the E00 file with the one in contents on desktop. Put it on Xbox, sign in and your ban should be gone or just limited to a few days.
If you get "Xbox LIVE sign-up is currently unavailable." Your account was not your hard-drive before you tried this. You can't recover banned accounts.
USB XTAF - megaupload.com/?d=RLHFP06L
Modio - game-tuts.com/community/modio.php
~Video TuT~

~If You Cant Recover Your Account~

Step 1: Start recovering your account.
Step 2:About half way through the recovery you will receive an error and it will say something like "Xbox live signup is not available". Then it will bring you back to the dashboard.
Step 3:Go to system settings and move your account to your USB(unless you have a transfer cable)
Step 4:Plug your USB into your computer and extract the banned profile to your desktop.(guessing the majority knows how to extract it.)
Step 5:Open up HORIZON.
Step 6:Under profile mods click "Account Editor"
Step 7:Open your profile into it.
Step 8:You will see a gold button that says recovering. Click it. It will turn gray.
Step 9:Click Save.
Step 10:Move it back onto your Xbox or use it for whatever reason you wanted to recover it!

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Anyone tested? Lol