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Tutorial - How to have Modded Comment PSN Names

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Hey RG Babies!!!

Its your boy Ludacris Legacy back with another tutorial for all you learners out in the community.

Requirements before proceeding

File Zilla or Flash drive (USB Stick)
CFW PS3 Console (Not for OFW Users)
Brain 🙂
Bonus - Moving Comments Codes


Step 1. Sign in your PSN and put anything in your comment, Then sign out and head to multiman.

Step 2. Connect to your IP address using FileZilla.

Step 3. Go to " dev_HDD0 / Home / your account number / friendim / mecomment.dat

Step 4. Drag & Drop " mecomment.dat " to your desktop.

Step 5. Open " Notepad++

Step 6. Hit enter " 12 Times " it should look like this

Step 7. Type in your comment. If your gonna use moving comments make copy & paste it in and click on " Encoding " on top of Notepad++.

Step 8. After clicking on " Encoding ", Click on " Encode in UTF-8 ".

**Note** If Encode in UTF-8 is not enabled your moving comments will show up in your PSN comment as " ? ".

Step 9. After putting in your comment you want too show, Go to file & save as " mecomment.dat " make sure its on " All types ".

Step 10. Go back to FileZilla and replace your mecomment.dat file with your new modded mecomment.dat. If exceeds 63 bytes comment will not show.

Step 11. Sign in your PSN and you should have your new modded/moving comments in your PSN name.

Thank you for reading this tutorial. If any problems just leave a comment below and i will reply.

Moving Comments Codes


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