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this might be a stupid question

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Now say i got a jailbroken cfw ps3 and ofw ps3, now i take my ofw ps3 and i extract its console id and psid, now i load that console id and psid on to cfw ps3, and i mean downgrading it back to 3.55 cfw and permanently change console id and psid, then load rebug 4.81.2 and i make a backup of the cfw ps3 which now has the ofw ps3 console id and psid on it. now i take that hdd with the back up on and put it on the ofw ps3 or what if i just even take out the cfw ps3 hdd and place it in the ofw ps3, i ask more for the second question about swapping out the ofw hdd & the cfw hdd, cause if i swap out hdd's, the cfw hdd with the ofw console id and psid on and 4.81 fw why wouldn't the ps3 accept it, there must be a way to fool the chip it looking for most up to date fw version and the console id and psid for that system,what else is the chip looking for, plus the the new hdd is already jailbroken with matching fw version and matching console id and psid maybe someone can explain why it will or won't work, i only ask cause I bought the wrong ps3 off of eBay and it hasn't got here yet so if I was to try this is there a chance it could work or should i just resell this ps3 and get the right one.

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