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[STAFF] A Small Bit About Me

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Hey, some of you might know me! I've been on RG for 3ish years now! (Since 2015)
I used to be apart of the other community that merged with gamerzone which is RG today!

Well you came here for some interesting stuff about me, so read ahead!

On the Interwebs
I'm a forumer, on many websites over the course of around 6ish years. the first websites I lurked on before making a actual account were some very popular gaming forums looking for modders (i was a bit of a leech then). I have worked on around 5 websites now two of which were minecraft websites (one leaking plugins for the community, another a admin for a server hosting site), one was a forum/article site (I was a Senior on the Editing team, and a bit on the Directing side, and two are just ordinary gaming forums (one you are on now!). I have a youtube channel, and Xbox, Steam, and Switch, so add me Via these tags:

Switch (or any nintendo device): SW-6362-7353-1430
Gaming Scene
I've played across many platforms before (only the one i have are above), Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC, a bit of older platforms. Im a 8 year gaming athlete, I love to game and talk about it. You might find me on Xbox more then other platforms, but you can PM me if you want to play.

Modding Scene
I'm not really a modder, I have modded Murder Miners and was the first to make a tutorial on it and break servers using a exploit to win every match instantly. Xbox 360, I used to Hex edit a tiny bit, and Xbox One,I use vantage, but I took some step in the right direction with accessing some play anywhere titles before Vantage.

I'm a nice and friendly guy if you treat me like you want to be treated. If you need help with something on site, in a game, or a issue besides those im here to help!


Name of the Video Game, and any other Tags
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Nice intro dude !