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Sony "The Player" New Sony Trademark

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Maybe in E3 2015, sony will reveal what’s the deal with “The Player” their newest project. Seems that *The Player* is something big. Maybe is related in some way when Sony acquired all Onlive patents back in May of this year.
The tradermark states it’s for: Downloadable electronic game software; video game software, cartridges and discs; computer game software, cartridges and discs ; downloadable electronic game software; pre-recorded dvds.

A new trademark for a project called “The Player” has been found filed by Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Filed on May 18 with the United States Patent & Trademark Office, The latest application is officially registered with Sony Pictures Television.
However, the listing states that “The Player” will also cover several services, including Downloadable electronic game software.

“Entertainment services in the nature of a dramatic television series; providing a website featuring information in the field of a television series; providing online non-downloadable game software.”

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