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Red Dead Rekt RELEASE

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Menu has been updated!! Please report any problems here on this thread or on the Discord channel 😀

I am well aware of all the issues related to this sprx and I am currently working on it. I am very sorry to those of you that are having problesm loading the mod menu and I thank you all for your support and troubleshooting! Please be patient with me while I get this problem fixed!

IT'S HERE!!! The Official release of the public build for the Red Dead Rekt mod menu!!!

It has been a long time coming to this moment and I want to personally thank every person who was involved with this project!!

  1. @KranK for helping here and there with some coding and optimizing! Also for being one of the founders of the project :p
  2. @GamePwnzer for being a damn awesome guy and pushing the research for natives. He developed a few tools that sped up the process to decrypting Natives. He was also one of the founders in the project!
  3. Proditaki for sharing his C++ know how and helping us get a basic NativeCaller up and running
  4. @Sw3Rve-X Joined a little late in the game but helped with testing and developing also testing A LOT of the natives, comparing them with script mods of the same nature and developing some pretty cool features (which will be included in later releases)
  5. JediJosh for reaching out to me on my YouTube channel and breathing life back into this project 😀 You are friggin' amazing dude. He also brought some amazing knowledge with Natives, using his script modding abilities to reverse many of the Native arguments.
  6. Trojan for helping A LOT with IDA and C++ help. You never ignored any request I threw at you even tho I'm certain I bugged the piss out of you at times haha.
  7. @Cyb3r for supporting me while I have been obsessing over this project
  8. This is a BARE BONES release. Plenty of features to have fun with through the campaign and online as well! More features will be released in the future.

    The Premium version of this menu will be available at a later date, I am working on some things for that release.

    Install by placing the EBOOT.BIN into your dev_hdd0/game/BLES01294/USDIR/ folder, and the actual RedDeadRekt.sprx file into dev_hdd0/tmp/

    Open the tool using R1 + LEFT

    I added a few extra things :p a hotkey menu! some basic functions

    Blow self up R2 + Right
    Ring of Fire R3 + Up
    Thanos gun L2 + R1 + R2

    I also want to thank anybody that I may have forgotten!!

    1. Demi-God
    2. Drunk
    3. Medusa (Personal fave)
    4. Instant Hogtie (super fun)
    5. Super Jump
    6. Model Changer (Works online and offline)
    7. Spawn different mounts instantly
    8. All Weapons (Working to get Undead Nightmare weapons to Standard version)
    9. Spawn animals and Companions (They act as normal NPC's) (Disable Server Cleaner to use this)
    10. Teleport to loads of interesting places!
    11. Send a Cougar after people online! (Buggy, the cougar may attack you!!!)
    12. Server Cleaner (Enabled by default)
    13. Weather Changer!

      This will ONLY work on BLES01294 which is the EURO GOTY version of the game! I thought it would work on other versions but I was sadly mistaken and that will require a little bit of re-working to make it functional on other regions... Sorry for any inconvenience this may bring! Also please do not ask for a link to download that version as we do not allow WAREZ links here.

      [hide]HERE IT IS!!!![/hide]

      No Virus total because it's a .sprx :p

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Here we go, enjoy everyone 😀

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This is pure badass and hopefully, we will see more updates (y)

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This is pure badass and hopefully, we will see more updates (y)

There will most definitely be more!

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This is cool. Was just thinking of playing this game again and now this... very nice work.

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