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There is an update blocker for future updates, but the updates with games are going to be lower than 4.55 because you can't play any games with a firmware higher than 4.55, I have heard mentions of a fan control app in progress, but not seen anything concrete so far, other than that, there are some other features, what is it, that you bought the PS4 to do?

Haha playing games!? i'm also a PS2 fanatic even though i got a PS2 and a PS3. but i still wanna play these on the PS4 and maybe try those enhanced versions as well.

btw i'm surprised, the PS4 is like 4 years old and yet there's no JB a full one that is. i know it's a start. hopefully they get the job done before the relase of the PS5 in 2020.

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Well I mean if it its just playing games, i think a normal PS4 would have been better for you, its cheaper, and lets you play games after 4.55, also, after the PS3 3.55 JB, Sony changed something (cant remember what) it would seem its almost impossible to create a proper CFW for PS4.

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I have a two PS4 Phat console. 4.55 OFW and 5.50 OFW. But 5.53 is out new update firmware. They patched a Webkit exploit. Mathieulh has confirmed.


But 4.05 and 4.55 can't run the official package from Sony. CFW lv0 & private key or something eboot.bin needs to be decrypted. Then can run pkg legit. But we can run fake package game, Before runs a 4.55 HEN successfully after can run game a fpkg.

All digital pkg is currently the system in PSN Account if has been purchased then can run game pkg. It is pretty eboot.bin need to decrypt. Just like PS3 does.

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