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Minecraft On Switch Now Will Feature Cross Platform Xbox Achievements

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Looks like the switch has switched over to cross account type features!

In a Gamespot interview with Microsoft, they talked about the upcoming bedrock port of Minecraft and gave out one of the most interesting details that we can all agree on, shouldn't have even happened! They got Nintendo's approval of implementing Microsoft accounts into the game (old news), and now achievements are cross platform!

This brings some of us to a standstill because with this in mind, we could have other games have other account sign-ins to transfer our progress! And now with this being a pavement for other companies to walk on make this year interesting! Those of us who follow gaming news such as myself, are very intrigued by this decision and how this might affect their relation in the future. Maybe Halo? I hope so.

Following on that Halo bit, the green suited hero is available in a skin pack on the current version, and the mashup pack is apparently going to be available on switch (Halo Mashup). No news on the current Mario Mashup Pack transfering to all the other platforms (Xbox, iOS, Android, Fire Tv, Apple Tv, and sooo many more!)

Stay tuned for more weird and crazy gaming news in the future!


Source: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/you-can-earn-xbox-achievements-on-switch-with-mine/1100-6458247 /">Gamespot

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