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How To Switch To DEX!  

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Hello everyone! How y'all doing?
Hope everything is well, anyways today I wanted to release a tutorial on how to switch to DEX!
Well, you might ask what's DEX? or what's the benefits of being on DEX?

DEX will give you the best features and the most known one is RTE *Real Time Editing*
Also you don't need to update your DEX CFW when a new update comes out :D!

But if you are on DEX you can't download stuff from PSN or Updates, and if you want to change your CFW you need to switch back to CEX and install it then switch to DEX, however, switching to CEX takes 2 minutes lol.



1- First of all you need to go back to 3.55 CFW so you can get the EID Root Key from your PS3 *I will put a download link at the end of the topic*

2- Download some PKG file that will give you the EID Root Key when you're on 3.55 CFW *Download link at the end of the topic*

3- a Program that you need to use so it can switch your flash dump to DEX *Download link at the end of the topic*


As soon as you get on 3.55 CFW run the EID Root Key PKG, your PS3 screen will turn black and it will beep couple times, now you can go to this directory: dev_hdd0/tmp and grab the eid_root_key.bin from there and save it in a folder on your PC.

Now that's what we need from 3.55 CFW, now you can get back to whatever CFW you want to be DEX on, I prefer 4.21 REBUG.

Now as soon as you're on 4.21 REBUG you can go to Rebug Toolbox and go to the last menu and find this option: Export Flash to File, picture of it:

Also you need to put in your USB Flash Drive before doing this because it will put it into the USB Flash Drive, this is the CEX Dump of your PS3, we will convert it to DEX so we can switch the PS3 to DEX.

Now go to your PC and plug in the USB Flash Drive, copy the CEX Dump to the folder you put the EID Root Key in.

Rename the eid_root_key.bin to DUMP without extension.

If your CEX Dump size is 16mb then rename it to CEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN *.NORBIN as extension*

If your CEX Dump size is 239mb or 256mb rename it to CEX-FLASH.EID0.NANDBIN *.NANDBIN as extension*

If you're done renaming then run up the program that will do the switch for you *I prefer having it in the same folder as the CEX Dump and the Flash Dump*

Here's a picture of it:

As NOR/NAND Flash Dump click on the ... button and choose the directory for the folder that has the CEX Dump in it, you won't find it there in the program just copy its name and paste it and press open. Here's an example:

Click on open to choose it, then in the METLDR one press on the ... button and go to the folder directory that has the Flash Dump file in it and you should see it there named DUMP. Here's an example:

Click open to choose it then click on CEX -> DEX button, now it should convert the CEX Dump to DEX and it will open a window asking you to choose the name of the DEX Dump, just copy the name of the CEX Dump after renaming it and paste it then change C to D, here's an example

If my CEX Dump name after renaming it is CEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN then the DEX name should be DEX-FLASH.EID0.NORBIN

Now take a billion back ups of the CEX Flash and the DEX Flash so you can make sure you don't lost it, also having them now will make you switch to DEX and CEX easily in minutes, after having those 2 files drag them into the USB Flash Drive and put the USB Flash Drive into your PS3 and head to Rebug Toolbox.

Go to the 3rd menu and choose this option: Rewrite Target ID in Flash, picture of it:

now choose this option: Swap LV2 Kernel, picture of it:

Now your PS3 will restart, and you will be on DEX!

To switch back to CEX just boot up Rebug Toolbox and do the Rewrite Target ID in Flash step and you will be on CEX!

Also keep in mind always choose to Rewrite Target ID in Flash first!

If you sign in to PSN while on DEX and get an error just boot Rebug Toolbox and go to the 4th menu and go to this option: Change Active PS3ID then choose EID5 CEX then go Sign in.

EID Root Key PKG: eEID_RKDumper
3.55 CFW: extract it and you will see a .txt file with the link for the CFW inside it.

I hope you can message me if there's any questions, problems or help about this tutorial!

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Wow Nice Tutorial !

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Nice tut, It's a easy way without downgrading which i helped alot of people with but Nice man xD

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Thank go I'm already on dex