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Tip: Bushes, they are great for hiding. Don’t listen to the bush haters, it’s a great tactic.

  • Be the last to land, keep diving for as long as possible. Only land when the storm circle has been placed on the map. Land around the edge of it, preferably near a mass of trees. Scavenge for loot till you’re satisfied, keeping an eye on the storm timer.

(*if it’s near loot lake then you have the option of hiding out between the area where the larger mass of lake meets the connected thin river. Equip a Grenade or bandage to crouch as low as possible into the lake.)

  • As the storm closes in, jump from bush to bush, closer to the center. Avoid other players if possible. Collect as much wood as you can during the journey. Allow the enemy to eliminate the enemy. As the players ascending from 10th place slowly die. You will be able to take that loot to gear up better. Make sure no one is around, build a box around you to sort through it. Then place a wooden stair within the box then break the roof, crouch and scout the area for safety.
  • Finally, as the storm gets smaller, build a fort for each time it shrinks if it shrinks away from you. Turn up the aggression and keep defensive. Build high, being above the enemy gives you a better chance of success.

(*Remember to keep repairing as you take damage to your walls.)

Written by Rocky.

Disclaimer: This method does not guarantee that you will win since skill varies between each player.

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Awesome tips! 😀

I played couple of games on this game and I liked it, i'm a PUBG player so this was kinda awkward for me a little bit at first.

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awesome it worked!