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Black Ops 2 (RTM) - Super Force Host + Anti ban [1.19]

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Hey GZ, Here is a tool I made awhile back for "super force host". Since i have had some requests for it lately, i decided to post it for you guys 🙂 I know there are tools with force host but sometimes you can be sitting in a pre-game lobby for awhile waiting for people to join. Also some people don't have the greatest internet connection. So i made a Super Force Host that will start the lobby right when you go to find match. No waiting for other players to start the lobby, and being in a game will allow people to join you easier (from what i have seen).

Force Host Includes:
*The normal force host already released

Super Force Host Includes:
*Auto Start
*Stay Host
*Next game will Auto Start
*Get Host in League Play (Sometimes does not Auto Start, But once you get host it will for the next matches)

Public Cheater Includes:
*Red Boxes
*Real WallHack
*No Recoil
*Steady Aim
*Super Target Finder

Bypass includes:
*Anti Ban
*Anti Probation

Download: [HIDE]Black Ops 2 Force Host[/HIDE]

Virus Scan:

Known Bugs: When using CEX for some reason the force host does not work like it should (but will still work). Either use DEX for full force host capability or turn on both of the force host check boxes and wait a bit before joining game.

eddie mac

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Very thanks bro 🙂

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Thanks bro! been looking for this. All the other links were not working.

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Cool, I needed the anti probation lol

Edit: Probation bypass did not work

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Nice release Bro! Keep up good work!! (y)

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